Vampires & Hip Replacements

This weekend, I went to Philadelphia (Wednesday 10/26) to meet with a new surgeon about my hip. I went to CHOP to see Dr. Sankar, the director of the Young Adult Hip Preservation Program. Previously, when meeting my last surgeon, he told me that Dr. Sankar “can’t do surgery to fight his way from a paper bag.” However, my surgeries with Dr. Bosch went very poorly, and my next closest option was Dr. Sankar.

When I got to CHOP, it was the nicest hospital I’ve ever been to. It’s huge! My appointment was at 1:45, but I didn’t even see a nurse until about 3:00. The nurse practitioner, Sharon, came in to take my “back story” down. She seemed to have a lot of trouble keeping up with my six surgeries, bacterial infections, and blood loss history. She seemed in awe at the fact that I was advised not to have any physical therapy from Dr. Bosch. “How were you supposed to teach yourself how to walk again?!” She left the room for a few minutes to find my files, and came back in, “you haven’t had an x-ray in a year?! come with me.”

After getting my x-rays, Dr. Sankar finally came in. He seemed extremely solemn, which felt weird, because usually I’m excited to be learning about what’s going on with my body. He said that there were three possibilities for what was causing my extreme hip pain. One was that there may be residual bone infection. Another was that there could be a soft tissue injury. The third, and what seems to be most probable to me, is that the joint is still deformed and misshapen. I was sent to get blood work, CT scans, and an MRI. Luckily the lab works came back clean– no residual infection in the bone! Still haven’t gotten word back from the other tests yet.

Dr. Sankar said that he has no answers at this point, but that the PAO did fail (which I learned is based on my own pain levels and recovery, NOT the word of a surgeon). He also said that we could try to revise the PAO, but with my history of bacterial infection and blood loss, as well as extensive scar tissue, it might be too dangerous and difficult. Dr. Sankar said that it MIGHT be the safest option for me to get a hip replacement. I guess we will see what he says when he gets the MRI and CT back.

After all of this, we went to the Mutter Museum, which was interesting, but I definitely knew about or worked with many of the specimens I saw. Then, we went to the King of Prussia mall, the second largest in the U.S. to find my Halloween costume. I went as a vampire, and it was okay. Last Halloween was a lot more fun, but I liked my costume a lot!



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